A Review of 2016

A lot has happened int he last year – as usual.  I thought I would provide a little review, with my top events and favourite pictures.

January – I started a system in January as a way to save money and worked at it for a few months before things changed.

Money Matters

Also, Chester had his first bout of diarrhea.


Favourite picture is Chester with a new toy.


February – I spent some time at both Fort Whyte Alive and the Assiniboine Park Zoo and one of my credit cards was compromised.

Credit Card Woes

Favourite picture is one of the Tigers at the Zoo.


March –  I turned 65!  I spent time at both Fort Whyte Alive and Assiniboine Park Zoo again, the ice began to melt on the Red River, I got myself my first and second IPhone and started making plans to go to Churchill at the end of October.

Changing of the Phones – part 2

Favourite picture is a Canada Goose resting on the bank of the Red River.2016-03-25-march-25-004-800x600

April – Spring was delayed and turned back into winter, 1st Bison of the year was born at Fort  Whyte Alive, I saw a Coyote in beautiful lighting on the Red River, but didn’t have a camera with me.

Fort Whyte Alive – April 

Favourite picture is Crocus from my flower bed.


May – Big decisions made – retirement and selling my home.

A Wild Ride

Favourite picture is my boy Chester.


June – Moving to Apartment, Chester’s illness and death.  I found myself without any pets at all.

We’re Moved 

Good-bye Chester

July – Lots of new puppies in my complex, my country road in the city,  finally my hot air balloon ride, waiting for the house sale to be finalized, more trips to Fort Whyte Alive and Assiniboine Park Zoo, thinking about another trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Up, Up & Away

Favourite pictures are in the Up, Up & Away link, but I’ll give you a Pelican picture from Fort  Whyte Alive.


August – Finally house sale was finalized, more walks on the country road behind my apartment, another trip to Fort Whyte Alive and a walk at St. Vital Park.

St. Vital Park

Favourite picture is this young buck I found on the road behind my apartment.


September – a day trip to Riding Mountain National Park, a drive to visit my daughter in Port Coquitlam, BC, with stops in Calgary, Fanny Bay, Jasper, Banff, Calgary again, Yorkton and Riding Mountain National Park.


Favourite picture is my daughter Angie and I on top of Grouse Mountain.


October – finalized plans for trip to Kruger,  trips to Forte Whyte and Assiniboine Park Zoo, a Blue Jay visit, my trip to Churchill.

To Churchill and Home in a Day – Part 2

Favourite Picture is a beautiful  Blue Jay just outside my balcony (any from the trip to Churchill are in the link above and are amazing)


November – a couple more trips to Riding Mountain National Park (I’m hooked now), a paint job.

A Day Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – Nov 9

I got some great pictures on the Nov 9th trip to RMNP, so I’ll take my favourite picture from the next trip. 2016-11-21-176-2-712x800

December – 2 winter storms that verged on blizzards, more plans for Kruger, a couple of trips to Fort Whyte Alive.

Kruger National Park

Favourite Picture is a little Chickadee perched on the tree just off my balcony.


This is the first year I have done a review like this.  Hope you like it.

Happy New Year!

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