The Balcony

I have never had a balcony before, and I have now learned one thing since our first snowstorm.

It is best to leave a sliding screen door open for the winter.

I had noticed that some of the suites had their screen door in the open position and I had no idea why.  I didn’t really plan on going outside often anyway, but I did have the Christmas lights to plug in and unplug each day and I also had the little bird feeder out there to keep stocked up.

At first all was fine, but then we had our first winter storm.  Suddenly I could not open the screen.  It was frozen in the track.  At first I just left it, since I didn’t really need to turn the lights on & off and they could stay on until after  Christmas.  But I still couldn’t open the door after Christmas  and our second winter storm, and I didn’t want to leave them on until spring.  The little Chickadee also seemed to like hopping on the areas without snow and there were no such areas on my balcony.

So, I started scrapping away at the ice to get the door loose and I used my hair dryer to help melt it, wiping it up as it melted to get it out of there.  It finally warmed up here after the second storm so I could have the door open to do this work for longer periods without freezing myself.

This morning, I chipped and melted the last of the ice and opened the screen door to unplug the lights and clear some of the snow away.  I am leaving the screen open for the rest of the winter.

Now I can put the plants back in their spots by the window while we wait for the third winter storm of the month to hit us this weekend.


Just for a few more pictures, I will show you some of the daily pictures I have put up on  FaceBook the last few days.

Today I put up 2 pictures of these 2 crows perched on 2 trees chatting to each other.

Yesterday was 2 views of 1 large pile of snow at the shopping centre near me.

December 25th night and December 26th early morning view of the lights outside my apartment and the winter storm raging.

Two days earlier were the Golden Boy on the Legislative Building here and a little Chickadee on the tree just off my balcony.

I just saw some movement out my window and saw my little Chickadee buddy was hopping around on the cleared floor on the balcony.  He grabbed some food and flew away before I could get a picture.

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