A Flock of Common Redpolls

I found out this morning what eats the seed pods from the River Birch that is just off my balcony.  There were dozens of Common Redpolls making short work of all those pods.

They are not a bird that I am used to seeing, but the name did pop into my head.  I had to look it up to make sure though and I was right.

So, to day we have a Common Redpoll photo shoot.  As usual, please click on a picture and scroll through if you would like to see larger versions.

Some flock photos above (not showing anywhere near the numbers)

They are still here, but they have cleaned out the upper branches of the tree and are now below my balcony.  The numbers have greatly decreased also and the rest are likely working on more of the trees in the area.  It is nice to have a bit of wildlife right outside my window.

This was a nice way to start my day.

8 thoughts on “A Flock of Common Redpolls

  1. I don’t remember ever seeing them – but I did know what they were, so I might have a long time ago. I just moved to this apartment and they sure like the seed pods on these trees. I used to get flocks of Waxwings (both kinds) at my Mountain Ash at my house before I sold it & moved.


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