Assiniboine Park Zoo – January

I am usually a fair-weather visitor to our zoo, but decided that it would be nice to see some of the critters out in the snow.  After all, we have many critters that thrive in winter conditions and I hoped they wouldn’t all be sleeping as they often are in the summer.  The temperature wasn’t bad at -17C, but it was windy so a little uncomfortable to be outside for long.  They do have a few places to get inside to warm up though.

Apparently I was only the 2nd person to arrive this morning and I don’t think they had many more after me.  Around noon, one of the volunteers told me that she had met and talked to both of us.  🙂

I didn’t take my good camera with me and just used my little pocket one, so I knew there would be no pictures taken of the critters behind bars or cages.  I wouldn’t be able to zoom in enough to hide the bars or cages – but I do have two to post.

The Great Grey Owl has been moved to another cage and the Bald Eagles have taken over his cage, while their cage has been torn down.  The Owl’s cage is too small for the Eagles, but the Owl may be just fine in his new one.  I hope the Eagles will be getting a new larger flight out of this.  They did have more room to fly (both height and length) in their old one.

A snow covered path and the Bison, including our white guy.

The Harbour Seals were putting on a show and I was their only audience.

First Polar Bear I saw was relaxing in the snow and would grab that blue toy beside him every once in awhile and then rest some more.  I was standing outside while watching him.

Second Polar Bear was right outside the window of the Tundra Grill, where I sat and had a cup of coffee to warm up.  He was relaxing but often changed positions.  Since he was so close, my little camera could zoom in enough to get decent pictures.

Some views through the window of the bears territory at the zoo.

The two Przewalski’s Horses.

These next pictures are not great – but I had an amazing experience with this Tiger.  She (assuming that this is a female) was very interested in me (maybe she was hungry).  Three times, she stood up on her hind legs against the glass to look at me and he stopped in front of me another few times.  This camera has a delay, and the glass was marked – so these are the best pictures of the few dozen I took.

I have now found out the this Tiger is a young male named Samkha.  It is nice to know who I was playing with.

Usually they pay no attention to me, but once before, a few years ago, I had a similar experience with another one of the Tigers.  Again, I was alone that time too.

All that is left is the snow covered T-Rex and a couple of pictures taken with my fogged up camera while inside the Toucan Ridge.  I thought the pictures looked kind of interesting through the fog.

As usual, you can see larger pictures by clicking on them.

I talked a bit to one of the volunteers there today and I might see about joining the volunteer ranks.

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  1. Another fabulous day out. You certainly get out and about in minus 17 degrees. Wow!!! I would love to have been there Mavis especially as the zoo looks big enough for the animals to roam about without small enclosures. (Another) Great post.

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