A Winter Walk Along the Seine River

Finally it has warmed up enough here where it is nice to go for a walk outside.   It was -5C when I headed out under a bright sunny sky.

I wasn’t sure if the path behind my complex would get me through the snow, so I went next door to use their path since that complex backs right on the river.

This was the first time I’ve walked all the way down their road of look-alike condos – many of which are still for sale.  I don’t know how many there are altogether, but I was about 1/2 way down the road when I took this picture.


The Seine River is straight back where the trees are and that is where I am headed.

Lots of snow and if you stepped off the path, you would sink down several inches.

Wonder if Charlie Brown was here to decorate this little twig in the woods.

Quite a few tracks right on the little river – both humans and critters use it by the looks of things.

Someone decided to go off the trail here and climb over the snow pile left after this lot was cleared.

A couple more views right on the river and then a look towards my complex from the path.

The same bench in the snow (off to the left a bit) from an earlier picture and a couple more views of the woods, before I returned home.

The weather for the rest of the week is supposed to be similar, so I will be getting out and walking in the fresh air again.


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