Deer Day at Fort Whyte

The beautiful weather continued yesterday, so I spent the morning wandering the trails at Fort Whyte Alive.  With the temperature hovering around 0C and under a bright sunny sky, it was absolutely gorgeous.

Deer were everywhere, but even though these deer must be used to people walking the paths, they are still very wary and not many of them would allow me to see them without having trees and branches in between us (making photography difficult with an auto-focus camera).

I did manage quite a few pictures of both the deer and the landscape though.  Lots of pictures here and if you want to see larger sizes, please click on them.

The beautiful 2-headed deer!  😉

But – then one of them walked away while the other watched him leave.

Temperature is a little warmer today at +2C, but it is cloudy with drizzle, which will then freeze and turn to icy roads and sidewalks unfortunately.  I am glad it isn’t -30C though.  🙂


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