A Different View of the Zoo

Today I decided to concentrate more on the buildings and the spaces at the Assiniboine Park Zoo instead of the critters.  Of course, some critters still managed to get into a few photos, but I got many photos without critters too.  🙂

We will start with the entrance.  If you click on the pictures, you will see larger sizes.  Many of the pictures also have more information on them that you won’t see unless you look at them individually.

I always take the route towards the Red Fox and he was actually awake and moving around this morning so I had to take his picture.  I just had my little camera with me so couldn’t avoid the fence.

Then it was time to head for the Journey to Churchill exhibit.

The Polar Bear in the picture above, heading up the rocks, was going for a swim.

Then over to the Discovery Centre and the Polar Bears in quarantine.

After this, I wandered around behind the Journey to Churchill and into the Town of Churchill.

Then over to the Heavy Horse Centre, where I met Ice (I think that is the name of the white one) and a friend.

Ice was playing with the red ball, but dropped it and came over to say hi to me.  🙂  There is a double fence here, but he reached over far enough that I could reach to pet his nose.

Then it was over to the Tigers and the snow covered Dinosaurs and Winston’s closed ice cream shoppe.

Next on our tour is Toucan Ridge.

Then a few more quick sights as we head towards the exit.

And now we are at the exit but first we go through the Wild Things Gift Store.





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