A Drive to Birds Hill Provincial Park

Birds Hill Provincial Park is a short drive north of Winnipeg along Highway 59.  You can purchase an annual or a daily pass to enter the park normally, but this year they have waived the fee for the month of February.  I was planning on buying an annual pass this year anyway, but decided I might as well wait until after February and check it out since I haven’t been in the park for a few years.

I used to take Chester there quite often and would put him on a very long leash so he could run as much as he wanted to and he really loved to run.   He didn’t like the dog parks in the city because other dogs would interrupt his running.  So going there yesterday brought back a lot of memories of our trips there along with our long walks and runs.

I was hoping to see some wildlife – especially deer, but it was not to be.  One Raven was it and he didn’t want to pose for pictures.

I did get scenery pictures though and you can see larger versions if you click on them.

Trees, snow and fields.

The campground and beach areas appear to be closed.

Actually, the road was plowed to the West Beach parking lot – so I drove in there.  Nothing much to see though – just more snow and ice so I left.  One other car drove in behind me, but he was taking his dogs out for a run.

More trees, snow and fields.

A nice place for a picnic and one of the places I used to walk with Chester.

More trees, snow and fields.

Just as I was getting near the end of the drive through the park – I saw a Raven in a tree.  I stopped to take his picture, but as soon as I put the window down, he started flying.  I managed 2 very poor pictures as he flew away.

LOL – it was the best I could do!

Anyway, it was a beautiful morning – cold, but sunny and I enjoyed my little drive.  I’ll be back again.

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