Face to Face

The temperature has risen a little bit today (-6C), so I decided to take a walk on the trail behind my apartment along the Seine River.  It had been blowing and snowing last night though and the trail was not easy to walk on.

The trail goes in front of the bench, but no one has been on it, so it is hard to tell exactly where it goes and if you step off, you sink down in the deep snow.  I turned around to head back at this point, so didn’t go very far this morning.

Once I was back in the woods, I was greeted by a Chickadee and a Nuthatch – neither of which wanted to pose nicely for me.  I did get a blurred picture of the Nuthatch but the Chickadee was too busy to hold still at all.


I saw a skinny tree that had obviously been chewed (probably by a deer) and I saw deer tracks.

Suddenly, I  saw a deer who also saw me through the trees.

I slowly continued walking in the hopes that I would get to the opening ahead where there wouldn’t be trees in between us.  Hold it – there is another deer in the last picture above here.

I made it to the clearing (talking to them all the way) and they stayed for me.  🙂  After I had taken these pictures, I turned to walk  to my complex, but turned back a couple of times to take just a few more pictures.

The first one started walking and the 2nd one came up the bank.


The first one turned to go along the trail that I had just turned off.  The 2nd one was still standing back on the bank of the river, so I walked a few more steps away before turning for my last picture.


She took a few more steps and then stopped to look at me before turning and following the first one.

Most of these pictures are cropped because I only had my little camera with me – but I was still quite close to these beauties.

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