78 Days to Go!

Not that I’m counting or anything – but there are 78 days left before my trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa begins.  🙂

Most of the preparations were made well in advance, but there are a few things that I have to start thinking about now.  On Tuesday, I had my appointment with the travel health nurse to get my prescription for Malaria pills, that I will have to take.  The mosquitoes that carry malaria are active in the park and precautions should be taken while there.  I will be taking my first pill while in Amsterdam and will take one every day while I am on vacation and continue for a week after I return home.

So, I have my prescription and have left it with my pharmacy (so I don’t lose it) and will pick those up shortly before I leave.

I logged into Delta, who have most of my flights from here to there and back again and found out that they have made some changes.   I am guessing that if I hadn’t checked in advance, I wouldn’t have known about the changes until I checked in.  I don’t know if they notified my travel again, who set the flights up – and he was supposed to let me know, or if they just changed it and decided to surprise me on my flight day.

The first flight (Winnipeg to Minneapolis) actually leaves 40 minutes earlier than what is on my ticket – but since I will probably check in quite early anyway (as usual), it would have been OK to leave early.

The second flight (Minneapolis to Amsterdam) leaves 2 hours later than what is on my ticket, so I have 2 extra hours  (4 hours total) to hang around the Minneapolis airport.

The third flight (Amsterdam to Johannesburg) is pretty much the same as scheduled, but with the later flight from Minneapolis, I only have 2 hours at Amsterdam, so I hope that will be enough if I have to go through customs there and still make the next flight.

I haven’t checked into the fourth flight into Kruger when going, or the first flight out of Kruger back to Johannesburg yet, but I don’t expect a problem with those.  Those are on a separate ticket completely.

The second flight back ( Johannesburg to Amsterdam) has not been changed.

The third flight back (Amsterdam to Minneapolis) has been completely changed.  I leave Amsterdam 35 minutes earlier, which just leaves that 2 hours in Amsterdam again.  The big change though, is that instead of going to Minneapolis, I will be going to Calgary (flying right over Winnipeg to get there I presume).  Maybe I should ask for a parachute.

The nice thing about this change that really affects my fourth flight back is that instead of 7 hours at the Minneapolis airport – arriving home at 11:30 pm, I will only be at Calgary for a little over an hour and will arrive back home at 5:30 pm.  Hopefully that hour in Calgary is enough time for customs.

I hope that since I have now made an account with Delta and connected my flights to my account, I will be notified of any more changes they decide to make.

I guess it is a little too early to start packing!   🙂aug-16-036-800x590

Picture taken on my last trip in 2012.

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