Winter at the English Garden & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

I’ve gone through the English Gardens & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park in the summer before, but this is my first time going in the winter.  There are no flowers (of course), but the sculptures are still here.  It was a beautiful morning to wander around a bit with a temperature of +3C under a bright blue and sunny sky.

After parking the car, I walked onto the foot bridge to get a couple of pictures of the Assiniboine River and then over to the duck pond/skating rink.  Due to the warm weather, the skating rink is currently closed and there are also no ducks to be seen.

I crossed the road and headed into the English Garden and Leo Mol  Sculpture Garden.  First thing you see is the Boy with the Leaking Boot.  It is not leaking now, but in the summer it does.  The Lady in the Park sits on a bench very near the boy.  There are no flowers to be seen in the flower garden after that, so I headed towards the sculptures.

The paths are quite slippery right now due to the melting and freezing over the last month or so.  Please walk carefully if you decide to visit.

Some of the bear sculptures, with a couple of them taken from 2 different views.


The above is the only picture I took that included a naked lady.  I noticed that there were more naked lady sculptures than anything else in there, but I could not find any naked men.  It seems like discrimination to me.  😉

Some deer sculptures.

Bears seem to be a very popular critter sculpture.

Then there is the wild pig buried in snow up to his head.

Just before leaving, I met this chubby little red squirrel so had to take its picture too.

6 thoughts on “Winter at the English Garden & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

  1. I especially love those animal sculptures – each of them seems to be imbued with a certain sort of liveliness 🙂 The snow surrounding them looks rather pretty, too.

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    1. Thanks Moony. Yes, the animal sculptures are wonderful – as are many of the other ones – but I do prefer the critters. Snow is snow around here, but it actually still looks quite white and especially with the sun shining on it today.


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