Spring in February?

I certainly wouldn’t have believed it and I still don’t, but the Canada Geese have returned already predicting a very early spring.   I still expect some major cold weather and snow storms and hope the geese will be ok.

But – the critters seem to know the weather and their forecasts are often more accurate than the ‘professional’ weather forecasters.  So – who knows.

Yesterday I took a quick drive through Birds Hill Provincial Park and came back with pictures of trees and one Raven that started flying away as I rolled my window down to take his picture.


I had originally been planning on going for a walk at Fort Whyte yesterday, but realized when I stopped for gas that I wasn’t dressed warmly enough for walking.  The temperature wasn’t too bad, but the wind was nasty.

This morning I dressed better for walking and I headed over to Fort Whyte.  There was more of a wind that when I got there than there had been before I left home though and combined with the icy paths, I didn’t stay long.  There were absolutely no deer to be found this trip, but I did see 10 Canada Geese in some of the open water near where a spring feeds into the lake – so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

I ended up with more trees, some grass, geese and squirrel shots at  Fort Whyte, before deciding to head back home.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the weather prediction from the Canada Geese really means an actual early spring for us here.  I have no idea what the ‘professional’ weather predictors are saying, but the geese are back in February.  🙂


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