Leopards, Tigers, Pandas & more

Most of the pictures that I took yesterday at Assiniboine Park Zoo were of one Polar Bear who did a wonderful job of giving me several poses.  I did manage to get pictures of more critters too, but didn’t want to have too many pictures in one post.

You don’t usually see all the Seals together like this, but they were swimming around in circles together.

Some of the beautiful Snow Leopards!


The Cougar was intent on something off to the side.


The only Wolf I saw was having a nice snooze.

I didn’t look at the sign to see what kind of ram this is and I seldom take pictures of the ones in this enclosure, since it is hard to get any pictures through the wire.


Just across from the last guy are the Tigers.  This guy was far enough back that I could zoom through the holes in the fencing.

The above and the next two pictures were taken in Toucan Ridge, when the camera lens is foggy due to the sudden heat and humidity when you walk into the building from the cold.


The little Ocelot was having a nice mid morning snooze.

Also having a snooze were the adorable Red Pandas.  One of them seems to think he is part African Leopard by the way he is sleeping on the branch.

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