Here I Go Again

It seems like I am now re-entering the No Fixed Address (NFA) part of my life again.  This is my 2nd time doing this since I moved 3 times in 2 years, way back in my younger days.

Last year I sold my house after 33 years of home ownership and moved into an apartment.  If you were with me then, you may remember that this is a fairly expensive place to live, but it was almost the only one where I could bring my dog Chester with me.  He was a big old dog and had health issues, so I knew I wouldn’t have him much longer, but I wasn’t moving without him.  The only other apartment that would allow a dog his size was on the 3rd floor of a 3 story walk-up, and he would not have been able to climb up and down the stairs a few times a day to go outside.  So, I ended up here and love it here.  If it wasn’t for the cost, I would be very content to stay, but it really is out of my price range.  I knew the proceeds of the house would cover me for a year and we are now almost up to the year.

The search has begun to find another apartment.

My list of things I want are  a balcony, in-suite laundry, pet friendly, and windows facing south or east.  My current apartment has all of the above except for the south or east exposure and I have really missed seeing the sun (especially the morning sun) in the last several months.

I have found that the chances of having an in-suite laundry is next to nothing unless I want to pay what I am currently paying and that isn’t going to happen.  A pet friendly apartment narrows it down quite a bit again.  I don’t currently have any pets and after over 8 months of not having one, I would really love to find a place where I can have a pet of some kind.  It doesn’t have to be a dog –  I would be quite happy with a little bird (budgie, lovebird or canary) and/or maybe some fish.

There are quite a few places with balconies, but the prices vary a lot – with most of them being over my budget.

As far as the east / south exposure, that will depend on the specific apartments available when it gets down to seriously looking.

By ruling out the in-suite laundry, I still have to determine which of my other 3 wants will be at the top of my list.  This is going to be hard because I want all 3 of them and I need them in my price range.

The first one I looked at is in my price range, but there are no balconies (although they have an outdoor terrace on the second floor), there are no pets allowed and they do have suites that face south, but I didn’t see any of those.  It is very close to the Assiniboine River where there is a trail to walk.  It depends on what is available when I have to move and it also depends on whether they have a parking space available.   I was told that they do have a couple of suites available most months but parking spots are limited.  All utilities are included in the price.

The second one I looked at has balconies and one I looked at has a south / east exposure.  They do allow pets in one of the buildings, but currently do not have anything available in it.  It is located close to The Mint, and the lush gardens and lawns that surround it.  It costs less than I am currently paying here, but it is over my current budget .  Utilities are not included in the price.  If utilities were included, I might have been able to manage this one.

One that I have my name in for, but have not looked at this time (but did before) allows small pets and has south and east facing windows.  It is located right on the Seine River and near the paths that follow it.  It does not have balconies, but is in my price range and I may even qualify for subsidy.  All utilities are included in the price.

There are a few other apartments run by the same agency as the one above that I have not looked at, but have put my name in for if anything is available.  They are all in my price range, and utilities are included in the price, but none of them allow pets.

There is another one where I have my name on a waiting list.  It has balconies, it has south facing windows, it allows birds & fish, but they will not tell me where I am on the waiting list and if there is any chance of getting in there.  There is a big difference between 5 ahead of me (where there is a possibility) or 500 ahead of me where there is no chance, but they just say, there are no openings this month when I ask. It is located fairly close to the Seine River also.  I have been on the waiting list here for almost a year.  All utilities are included in the price.

There are a few other places where I have asked to have my name put on a list for May 1st, but this has been done strictly for the cost, without knowing more.

I will hopefully know more in early April when people hand in their notice that they will be vacating some of the places I am interested in.

My little Chickadee buddy (St. Peanut)  seems to be having trouble making a decision about what he should have to eat this morning – somewhat like my decision about where to live.

It all looks so good, which one should I take?
I wonder if there is something better over there?

Like it or not  🙂  I just may be telling you more about my future living plans in the future.

By the way, my planned move is very close to my planned vacation in Kruger National Park.

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