Photo Shoot with St. Peanut

St. Peanut is an adorable little Chickadee who has been coming to help himself to the food that I have been putting out on my balcony for him for the last few weeks.

He doesn’t make it easy for me to get pictures because he doesn’t stop moving long enough to zoom and focus, but often with luck, I’ve managed a few decent pictures.

Yesterday he brought a friend (or 2) and between them coming and going, I managed a few  decent pictures among the several dozen that were either empty (as he flew away) or blurred and/or out of focus as he moved.  They certainly kept me busy snapping away as they came and went though.

Most of these pictures are certainly not perfect – but they are still kind of cute.  🙂

As usual, you will see larger pictures, if you click on them.

I will end this with a quick video of one of his visits.

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