The Forks in Spring (or is it?)

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day to go for a walk and take pictures at The Forks in Winnipeg.  But a severe winter storm is predicted to hit Manitoba today.  The last forecast indicates that Winnipeg may be spared the snow but get some freezing rain instead.

The Forks name comes from the fact that it is situated at the fork of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.  The Assiniboine ends as it joins the Red River and heads north towards Lockport and then empties into Lake Winnipeg.

There is always something going on there.  During the winter, the Red River Mutual trails (1 skating and 1 walking) start here and go for miles down 1 or both of the rivers.

Today the trails are closed due to the melting ice and rising rivers.  There is still plenty of ice covering the rivers, but it is no longer safe to be on it.

The teepee has benches inside, so this would be one place to put the skates on. and the ice TV and chairs are just what they look like.  🙂

This is one of the warming huts – but I am not sure how this much ice could ever be warm.  Last time I went to The Forks, it was only partially built (using ice cut out of the river).  Now it will take it awhile to melt away and go back into the river.

Another warming hut  (from 2 sides) – this one could probably get quite warm on a sunny day, and a couple of views – one following the steps that now go right into the river instead of the the pathway along the river.


Some views from the pedestrian bridge looking both ways – towards the Assiniboine River one way and towards the fork of the 2 rivers the other way.

These 2 pictures show the skating ring on the Assiniboine River with the 2nd picture zoomed in to show the cracks in the ice.


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