It is Still Winter at Fort Whyte Alive

Last month Mother Nature tried to fool us into thinking we would have an early spring, but she soon brought back the winter weather.  So – winter activities have resumed as the ice has frozen on the lakes & rivers again.  The  Canada Geese stayed with us and are waiting for the weather to warm up a bit.

The last time I ventured over to Fort Whyte, I found the paths so slippery that I didn’t stay long, but today things were much better.  Some of the paths were still quite icy, but most have either been sanded or the regular path is bare of snow.

It was a bright sunny day with the temperature around -13C when I arrived and it  climbed up to -5C by mid afternoon.

There were several school groups out today – as there often are.  Some were tobogganing, some were having a marshmallow roast and some were wandering through the paths – but all were quite noisy.  I do support the idea of getting the children outside to appreciate nature, since they are the ones who will be looking after things at some point, but it would be nice if they weren’t quite so noisy and scaring the critters into hiding.

So – most of my pictures today are trees and snow, but I did see a few Canada Geese, Red Squirrels, Chickadees, Prairie Dogs and of course the Bison.

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4 thoughts on “It is Still Winter at Fort Whyte Alive

  1. I find it as the parents duty to teach the kids to be quiet, when they out to explore the nature. When kids are together like in a class, they are noisy, for them very natural.
    Beautiful photos and wish you will see the spring in short time too, Mavis 🙂

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  2. Thanks Irene. I know kids are noisy when in large groups – it is natural when they’re having fun. And – spring is coming – it can’t avoid us too much longer (although it IS only March).


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