A Walk with Angie & Emily

After I arrived at Vancouver Airport, I picked up my rental car, dug the GPS out of my bag and set it for Angie’s place.  Amazingly enough, I arrived at her place safe & sound without having to have made any detours or adjustments.  I think this may have been the first time that the GPS timed its directions enough in advance for me to be able to make the turns at the right time and place.  🙂  There were a couple of close calls though!

Angie works at a doggie daycare here (this would have been my dream job).  They often have rescue dogs looking for new homes and the staff usually foster them until they find their forever home.  Angie is currently fostering Emily, so our first outing was to pick Emily up and take her for a walk.

We went to Deep Cove to walk on the trails there.  Although it was a beautiful day today, it had been raining every day for the last few weeks, so the paths were fairly muddy.  The views were sure nice though.

Here is Angie and Emily  🙂

DSCN1689 (595x800)

And here is the best I could do for a closeup of Emily’s head.  She moved every time I tried to get a clearer picture.

DSCN1696 (800x600)

After awhile, we decided to walk along the sidewalks and streets to sight-see and avoid the mud.  There are some beautiful and interesting houses here.

DSCN1706 (800x727)
This house has a fast flowing stream under part of it.

DSCN1711 (800x591)

DSCN1707 (800x400)
Love the garage doors

Not sure what the little ducks are – different from what I’ve seen in Winnipeg anyway.

My friend Karen – Kingston Cam – told me these are most likely Goldeneye and could be either Barrow’s or Common and maybe both.

Lots of Robins and some pretty flowers.  🙂

After the walk, we took Emily back to the doggy daycare (since she can’t keep her at home).  We cleaned up and bit and Angie took me out for dinner and a movie for my birthday.  🙂

It was a good day.  I was happy that I had come early and that Angie was able to get the day off work.

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