Dan Runchey (my nephew) was born October 15th, 1977 and passed away March 9th, 2017.

Dan was my brother, Doug’s son.  He and his sister Catherine lived with their parents in a few locations when they were growing up, starting in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  They moved to Ottawa, Ontario when Dan was 7 years old and later moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Most of my nieces and nephews were fairly close in age, with  Dan being the youngest until my daughter was born 9 years later.  They often got a chance to play and spend time together when they were young and usually in the summer that was at the cottages at Grand Marais.

When he was quite young, Dan was very quiet and shy around people outside his close family.  Once he knew you though he was sweet and loving.  He grew into a handsome and hard working young man and had just announced that he was ready to start on a new chapter in his life with a new job and new place to live.

Dan leaves his parents, sister, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and his Grandma Runchey to mourn his loss.  He will be greatly missed.

I found some pictures in my photo albums of Dan that I would like to share with you.

Dan frisbee (568x800)
Dan, Cathy (528x800)
Catherine & Dan
Doug, Dan (618x800)
Doug & Dan
Dan baseball (622x800)
Doug, Dan Grand Marais (800x544)
Doug & Dan
Cliff, Dan Doug (800x507)
Grandpa Runchey, Dan, Doug
Cathy, Dan, Gayle, Red, Queenie (800x612)
Catherine & Dan at Grand Marais with my dogs, Gayle & Red and their dog Queenie
Dan, Gayle (654x800)
Dan with Gayle
Cathy, Dan, Doug (800x676)
Catherine, Dan Doug
Cathy, Dan (800x769)
Catherine & Dan
Dan, Doug (800x708)
Dan & Doug
Dan Runchey 5 March
Dan’s Facebook photo – March, 1917

The Celebration of Life for Dan was held in Surrey, B.C. on Tuesday March 21st.

Rest in Peace Dan – you are missed.

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