A Walk in the Rain

I had most of the day on my own Wednesday, since Angie had to work.  She gave me directions to a good place to walk so that was the plan.  It was pretty wet, but not raining when I woke up, so I headed out after breakfast.

Of course, it started to rain within a minute of being in the car.  I made a quick decision to go back to a place I had walked last fall and just walk the opposite direction instead of driving further to walk in the rain.

Both are actually part of the same trail that goes all the way around Port Coquitlam and this spot is actually within walking distance of the hotel, but there is parking right there too and with the rain, I decided to drive.

When I got there, I waited inside the car to see if the rain slowed down a bit and after a few minutes, it wasn’t bad.  While sitting in the car, I saw a bird land on top of one of the trees in front of me, so that was my first capture – even though I don’t know what it is.

On a grey, cloudy & rainy day, it is hard to see the full colours of birds, so I don’t know what he is, but will look in my bird book or online to see if I can figure it out.  If anyone knows, I will gladly update.  🙂  It seems to be a woodpecker type.

A scenic view, a Robin and another bird that I don’t know – but he was singing in the rain.

Canada Geese and more birds that I will have to look up.  Remember, the pictures are bigger if you click on them, but due to the weather and the zoom required, none of them are extremely clear.

A couple more mystery birds (ducks), more Canada Geese and another view.

A crow flying overhead and then stopping to pose for me.  The only one (other than the Robin) that was close enough for decent pictures.

And just as I was almost back to my car, there was this beautiful Bald Eagle perched on a tree a little past where I wasturning off.  Again, he was a long way away from me though.  I knew he was big bird, but had no idea he was a Bald Eagle until I zoomed in on him.  I should have walked closer, but didn’t want to scare him away.

I was soaking wet by this time, since the rain had continued.  My jacket is partially waterproof, but not completely and it was soaked through.  It took hours for the jacket to dry off and I was using the hair dryer as well as putting it on the heater.

It was dry by the time Angie got off work and we headed out for dinner.  Tomorrow I fly home.

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