Heading for Home

The trip to Vancouver was not a vacation, but I did extend it a bit to spend time with my daughter and it was also nice to see some friends and relatives at the funeral, who I don’t see often.  But early Thursday morning it was time to get on the plane and head for home.

The flight with West Jet wasn’t as early as my flight into Vancouver, but my hotel was quite a distance from the airport and wanting to avoid the morning rush hour, I started out at 6:00 am.  There were several Vancouver Airport destinations on my GPS and I picked the wrong one.  It did get me to the airport signs though, so I followed those once the GPS said to turn off where I knew it was wrong.  It was easy to follow the signs from there.

I stopped and filled the car with gas just before entering the rental car return garage and headed back into the terminal.  I made a mistake when going through the security check – ooops.  I had a bottle of water than I got at the hotel and had it in the car with me.  When I returned the car, I was grabbing all my belongings and I put the bottle in my backpack to carry it.  I didn’t even think about it when I went through security, but my backpack didn’t come out with my other belongings.  Then I saw it on the other side and I asked.  She told me about the bottle of water in it.  I apologized and told her I forgot all about it.  She took the bottle out and checked it and then gave me my backpack (without the water).  Whew!

Back when I arrived on Monday, I wondered how my FitBit would handle the 2 hour difference in time, but although my watch and my laptop changed time, my FitBit didn’t, so I just went along with Winnipeg time while I was there.  When I arrived back at the Vancouver terminal to go home however, my FitBit changed to Vancouver time.  I am not sure if it wiped out the steps I had already taken and just input my new steps or if it added to what was already there for 2 hours ago – LOL.  Then, when I got back to Winnipeg, it jumped ahead 2 hours, so it shows as zero steps for the last 2 hours (which is actually accurate, since I didn’t take any steps while on the plane).  So, I guess it kind of worked out!

Once in Winnipeg, I just had to get back to the Best Western to pick up my car and head for home.  I decided to walk.  I didn’t realize that after I left the terminal area, there would be no sidewalks until I was almost at the hotel.  The roads are a little too busy to walk on, so I walked on the grass and mud and sand beside the roads (where the sidewalk should be).   It would have been quite a nice walk on a sidewalk after sitting on the plane, but it wasn’t quite so nice on the messy ground.  I’m not sure why sidewalks were not put in there, since it really isn’t far to the hotels just off the airport property.

I did not get any pictures during this flight.  It was cloudy most of the time, with only an occasional view of the ground and nothing at all over the mountains.  That evening though, a beautiful sunset showed itself outside my window.

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