On the Move Again

My lease is almost up and I am in an apartment that is too expensive for me – so it is once again time to move.  If you were with me and remember – at the time I moved here I had my sweet Irish Setter, Chester.  It was hard to find an apartment that would take a large dog and since this one would, I ended up paying more than I could afford.

Unfortunately Chester didn’t last long after the move – he was old and had health problems. I hadn’t been concerned about his heart, but that is what ended his life before I was ready to let him go.

Since this was my first rental after living in my own home for 33 years, I didn’t want to break the lease and get a bad name for myself among the rental agencies, so I decided I could last the year using the proceeds from my house.  But now it is time to move.

I’ve found a new place that is nice and costs less.  Of course, it doesn’t have everything that this apartment has (balcony, in-suite washer/dryer, dishwasher), but it does have a south view instead of north and it will allow me to get another pet (small one) when I’m ready.  I am excited about seeing the sun again.  It has been a long winter without sunshine in a north facing apartment.  This one also has fitness equipment in a beautiful room, if I am ever inclined to get in shape.

2017-02-27 Feb 28 17 002 (800x400)

This is my new building.  It is a nice building in a good location and everyone I’ve met is very friendly.  This building is right on the Seine River and I can see the river from my suite – at least now when there are no leaves on the trees.  There is an open field in full view though and the building manager mentioned that he has seen deer, foxes and owls there.

Seine River Haven 1 bedroom

And this is the new suite.

I’ve got some boxes and packing has begun, but I can’t find my big roll of tape.  Guess I’ll have to wander out and get another one.

Moving day is going to be the end of April or very early in May.  I have to make arrangements for a truck and with both building managers for moving out and then in.

I do have to get settled in before leaving for South Africa.

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  1. It looks great.Plan of the flat compact yet roomy. Nice to have the sun again and your views sound wonderful. Love the bonus that you will be able to have a pet again when you are ready. Wish you every success and a smooth move. x x x

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