Ice and Waterfowl

The Red and Assiniboine Rivers in Winnipeg are moving the ice around and trying to get it out of town.  The Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks don’t seem to mind the ice cold water and swim happily in it.

After breakfast I went over to The Forks, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet to get some pictures.  The water is quite high and we can no longer get to the bottom of the steps unless prepared to wade in the ice cold water.

This Mallard Duck came to greet me and then stood on one of the steps that usually take us over to the docks.  Then he swam off in between the trees.

Wonder if that chunk of ice in the water is the top of that ice hut?  Some more steps down into the river and 3 Canada  Geese having a swim.

Pictures taken from the bridge over the Assiniboine River – first looking towards the Red River and the ice flowing there – then looking back towards where my first pictures were taken of the flooded stairs and the ice still on the Assiniboine.

The flooded ramp down to the Assiniboine River and some Canada Geese swimming by.  That chunk of ice hasn’t moved.

Stuff moving down the Assiniboine River, with that chunk still in the same spot.

I took  2 short videos while I was at the Forks, showing the ice moving on the Red River from the bridge, with Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks and on the Assiniboine River, showing that chunk of ice not moving while ice chunks floated by (evidence that that chunk really is the ice hut).


It would be interesting to be there when the ice hut breaks free and starts to move.

Ice and debris flowing down the Red River.

And one more video – this one taken on Lyndale Drive near the Forks and closer to the ice chunks, so you can hear them as they rub together.

Those of you who live where there is no ice and snow miss out on the excitement when it melts and leaves us.  🙂



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