Moving day is 19 days away and I am leaving for South Africa in 28 days.  I am currently packing for both so I can find what I want to take on my trip, even if I haven’t finished unpacking in my new apartment.

I have to be brutal in cutting things down for this move – much like I was when I moved from the house to this apartment.  Size of this apartment is much less than what I had in the house and size of the new apartment is less than what I have here – so anything that has not been used since I moved here is not moving with me.  Quite a bit has been posted on Kijiji and has already left and some has just gone into the recycle bin or garbage.  I will only take what I need (or really want) to the new apartment.

If I end up moving again next year (and I sure hope I won’t), I will probably be even more brutal in cutting down my belongings.  I really don’t like packing and I dislike unpacking even more.  I don’t mind packing for a  holiday though.  🙂

Current Box Situation
Current Box Situation

That is just the current full box situation.  I have 3 more boxes almost filled in 3 different rooms, so this pile will have grown in another hour or so.  This way, depending on which room I am in, I can put items into a box with other items from that room.  Hopefully that will make unpacking a little easier.  I still have to leave enough of everything to keep me going for the next 19 days though.

Moving day has been set for April 27th.  I originally thought it would be May 1st, since that was the day I would get the new apartment.  But, when I gave notice at my current place, they told me move out day would be before noon on April 30th.  I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do between noon April 30th and May 1st though.  Maybe I could just camp out in the truck with my belongings, but they would be needing that truck again.

The moving company told me that this is not uncommon and sometimes people have to put their belongings in storage for 24 hours and stay in a motel/hotel for the night, but I decided to see if I could move in earlier, since the suite is vacant anyway.  I ruled April 30th out, because it was a Sunday and the moving company charges time & a half for Sundays.  The Friday & Saturday (28th & 29th) were already booked, so I set it for April 27th.  They pro-rated the month for me at the new suite and everything is set at both places.  The rate they charged me for the 4 extra days is less than it would have cost for 1 night in a hotel/motel, which would not include the cost of storage of my items for 24 hours.  Plus, this date is actually better, as it gives me a few more days to unpack and get settled before leaving for Kruger National Park in South Africa.

While writing this, I took a couple of packing breaks and here is the current pile.  Four  suitcases have been filled and added.  🙂

2017-04-07 April 7 17 038 (767x800)

The partially full boxes mentioned above are still partially filled.  🙂


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  1. Oh Mavis, I can easily follow you with your move again. I have lived in 7 houses, since I moved to Spain 4 1/2 years ago. Before that I had many moves in Denmark too. It is annoying, but sometimes just necessary. Wish you all good luck 🙂

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