Moving Progress

With just under 2 weeks (13 days) until moving day, everything is looking pretty good.  I’ve actually already done most of what I can do until the day before the actual move.

There are so many things that I may be using in this last 2 weeks, so it is no use packing them and then trying to find out which box they are packed in when I need it.  Right now, I have 4 additional boxes in progress – just waiting for the last minute articles.  I will probably fill those easily and likely have another 3 or 4 boxes to finish up.

Of course, things like the computers and all their attachments,  the TV with its items, the food items in the refrigerator and my bed and bedding will all have to wait until the last day.  I expect I will be offline the entire day before moving and most of the day of the move.  Hook up of the TV and computers has been arranged for the afternoon of moving day.

Most of the boxes for my move were supplied by my friend Connie, who works at  Burger King.  They have food delivered often and instead of breaking down the boxes to recycle, she would save them for me to re-use.

2017-04-12 April 12 17 013 (800x599)One morning, on the local FreeShare group, I saw a variety of size boxes available and I quickly asked for and obtained those also.  I needed a few larger boxes for some items.   As I taped the bottom of one of these boxes and turned it over, I noticed a handwritten (actually printed) note that said “Kitchen”.  I looked at it and knew immediately that it was my note from my last move.  This was one of the boxes that I used to move into here last year.  I soon realized that most of these boxes were part of what I had used and given away on FreeShare.  The boxes were almost new when I had them last year and now they are a little worn, but they have probably been through about 8 – 10 moves since then. It would be interesting if boxes could tell stories!

2017-04-13 April 13 17 023 (783x800)
The pile is still growing.




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