Ultimate Lockdown

I don’t know if escape rooms are the in thing everywhere, but they do seem to be very popular in my area.  I had never tried one and had no idea what you were supposed to do (other than escape), and had no idea what you had to do to escape.

Last night I got to find out!

Luckily for me, I went with others who have done some rooms before and they were amazing at figuring out the clues.   I helped as much as I could, but mostly kept out of their way.

So Ultimate Lockdown was the place we went.  It is located at 1819 Main Street in Winnipeg.

MWSnap02178 2017-04-23

We were booked to do Seance.  When it was our turn, the employee took us to the room, gave us information and instructions, asked if we had any questions and then let us in.  This room doesn’t involve an actual escape, but you have to solve puzzles to finish a task.  It was fun and we finished very quickly (apparently only 4 minutes short of the record).

Another room was available, and since we had been so fast, we decided to go into Alien and try our luck there.  Again, we were given information and asked if we had any questions before heading in with our flashlights to solve this room. We did need to ask for hints this time and this is something that really helped us out.  The experience of the others I was with was what helped us know when we really needed the hints, which more than made up for the time we lost in asking.  This time it was close – but we escaped again!

Here are our victory photos.


It was definitely a fun evening!

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