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Between the move and my upcoming vacation, I haven’t been around here much lately and I apologize for that – but it will be awhile before things get back to normal (whatever that is) again.

To fill you in – I have moved, although still unpacking.  Hopefully I will be finished unpacking before I leave for South Africa – but no guarantees on that.  I did have help yesterday and we got most of the boxes unpacked and put away.  I have opened all the other boxes and decided none of them were important enough to worry too much about, but should be able to look after 1 or 2 per day and get them done before I leave.  🙂

Speaking of leaving, the official countdown is now 5 days!

The move was uneventful, except for 1 stupid mistake I made.  I laugh at myself all the time, so figured I might as well share it with you too.  Basically, I insist on moving my computers and television myself.  On one trip out to the car with a computer, I was going to grab my apartment keys as well as my car keys and decided I didn’t need to lock the door to just run out quickly, so I didn’t take them.  That was fine for my own suite, but the main doors are always locked – so I was locked out of the building.  After a minute or 2 of waiting for someone to come or go, who might let me in, I suddenly realized that I had my phone in my pocket.  All I would have to do would be to phone myself from the dial pad and then open the door with my phone.  Only problem with that was that I didn’t have my reading glasses and could not see the numbers to dial to get to my phone.  I ended up waiting about 10 minutes before someone came out and let me back in.

Anyway – here are some pictures from moving day and some from this morning’s walk along the Seine River by my new home.  Larger versions of each picture is available if you click on it.

Moving day Pictures

2017-04-28 April 28 17 002 (1024x767)
View from my window next morning.

Living room before and after my friend Judy’s visit yesterday.

Parking lot picture taken late last night and beautifully lit up.  Start of the sunrise taken early this morning from the lounge on my floor.  I obviously won’t be seeing the sunrise from my room until late fall and then all the winter, since it is already far enough north that the end of my building blocks it.  This is fine with me, since I will see it in the winter.

I did not realize that this was an historic site, but Louis Riel SR had his mill here.  Hopefully if you click on the pictures, you can read what it says, if you like.

Time to explore.

A big old tree trunk from both sides of the river.

This place is too large to get all in one shot, but I’ve got 2 here that pretty much show the entire building.

I didn’t go far on my walk this morning, but just wanted to explore a bit as the sun was rising.

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    1. Thanks Mary. I’m sure I will have plenty of photos and blogs to post once I get home. It’s too bad I can’t post while I am away, but it is unlikely I will find internet.


  1. I hope, that your new home will bring you much happiness, Mavis 🙂
    It is always tough to move, fun story you told here 😀
    Wish you a wonderful travel and I’m looking forward to read about it, when you have time and possibility for this.

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