Hello from South Africa

A quick report to let everyone know that I am alive and well and having a wonderful time in Kruger National Park.  I have absolutely no internet connection here and my plans to get a SIM card and data to use on my phone failed miserably (my own fault).

I have an IPhone that I haven’t had for long and I don’t use any Apple stuff, such as ICloud or ITunes.  I had a SIM card ready to go, but had to enter my ICloud password in order to activate it.  Since I don’t use the service, I have absolutely no idea what the password was.  I tried a few possibilities but none of them worked, so I had to shut down my IPhone while I am here.  Roaming costs would be horrendous.

I rented a small phone that does talk and text only, just so I would have some contact with the world if needed while I am here.

Mopani is the only camp I know that has actual internet access – at least it did when I was here 5 years ago.  So that is where I headed to see if I could get online and post something.

Once I return home, I will read some of the posts everyone has made while I was gone, but will probably not read everything.  Then you can look forward to a daily post of my adventures.  🙂

This was taken at Lower Sabie on a very wet morning.

DSCN3645 (687x700)

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  1. Gorgeous lioness. Look forward to your posts when you return home Mavis. Am sure you had a wonderful time. I just booked my trip and depart in Dec as well as the Rovis train from Vic Falls to Pretoria.

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