May 9 – Pretoriuskop

Our morning drive got out a bit late this morning due to the fact that several of the people going were not prepared – either did not complete the forms or did not have their forms and then many were unable to stop talking long enough for our Ranger, Pet to explain the rules.

We finally got going and within minutes Pet had found a pair of male Lions for us to see. These 2 plus their pride of 7 had killed a buffalo a couple of days ago, but had finished eating and now the males were off to mark their territory. They posed for pictures for a couple of minutes and then started off down the road, with us following close behind.

As the sun started rising we could tell that it was a foggy morning. That did not stop our first sighting however and by the time the sun rose, the fog was gone.

After we left the Lions and on the next road, we saw 2 Leopards. I did not actually see the first one, since I obviously had the wrong angle, but apparently all anyone actually did see were the eyes in the grass. Before we left the first one, we saw one cross the road just ahead of us. I did see this one, but by the time we got there, it had disappeared into the grass and bushes – so no pictures of either one.

Next up was a clan of Hyaenas near a kill from a couple of days ago, who were relaxing and keeping the Vultures away.

They were followed by Kudus and Giraffes.

Then some  Zebras.

Next were more Giraffes and then a flock of Helmeted Guinea Fowls were blocking a whole lane of the road.   Some Waterbuck finished off our drive.

We saw some Rhinos at some point in the drive also.

After breakfast and a shower, I walked around the camp to take more pictures. I found a Crested Barbet, a Bulbul, a Black-collared Barbet, a tree loaded with fruit, a bug in a termite mound, a Sunbird and more flowers.

and lots more Guinea Fowl who were very interested in posing for me. Actually one of the Guinea Fowl was obviously looking for food, so someone has been feeding at least this one. I did not oblige her, even though she did pose nicely for me.  Because she was right beside me, I really got a close look at her and was surprised that as well as all the dots in the feathers, there were also some dashes.

I went out for a drive later and found Warthogs, White-crested Helmet Shrike, Impalas, Hippos, Egyptian Geese, Waterbuck, Brown-hooded Kingfishers, and came home to more Vervet Monkeys.

Another wonderful day in Kruger National Park. 🙂

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