May 10 – Pretoriuskop to Crocodile Bridge

After the fog wore off this morning, it turned out to be another beautiful day and it was time to pack up and head for Crocodile Bridge.

DSCN2752 (800x600)

First sighting this morning was a tiny mouse running across the road, but no picture of the little guy.  That sighting was followed by Hyaenas at a den site.



Slender and Dwarf Mongoose were much too fast scampering across the road for pictures.  A Giraffe  stopped and stood on the road stopping traffic for several minutes).  Unfortunately I was taking his picture through the windscreen while facing into the sun.



Hippos, Egyptian Geese, Blacksmith Lapwing at Transport Dam.



Waterbuck posed so nicely that I took a few pictures of him – such a handsome guy!



As I was stopped at Transport Dam, a group of 6 Kruger Safari (Africa Spear) pulled in also. The rest of us were all back from the water so that everyone had a good view, but these guys decided to pull right up to the water and block everyone’s view. Many of us left at that point, and the tour guys did soon afterwards. They were driving faster than I did, so they passed and then they stopped and I passed them (if I could). At the Waterbuck sighting (above), two of them decided to block the road so their clients could see and the rest of us obviously had to wait for them to go.  Luckily, I was there first, so I got my shots and just had to wait for them to leave.

DSCN2785 (800x600)

Next were Vervet Monkeys, and some trees and views that I am not sure why I took the picture, but I may remember at some time. LOL



Impala and Lilac-breasted Roller were next.



There was a  blue-tailed Lizard at a picnic site not far from Lower Sabie and he stopped moving long enough for a couple of pics.



Baboons, Crocodile, Water Thick Knee.



2 Martial Eagles at different times and places. I took quite a few pictures of the first one, since I didn’t know what it was.


Saddle-billed Stork, Crowned Lapwing,



Grey Heron, Egyptian Geese and Giraffes,


Black Storks, Yellow-billed Hornbill, Leopard Tortoise,



Cape Buffalo (finally), Wildebeest (first of those too) and a Warthog.



During the day I saw Rhinos at different places.



I kept a pretty steady 30km per hour going from Pretoriuskop to Crocodile Bridge, with stops at Transport Dam, the picnic site and Lower Sabie before arriving here. I had been planning to go on a walk here, but had recently read that over 65, I would need a doctor’s certificate in order to go. Of course, I don’t happen to carry a doctor’s certificate with me, but I explained my situation and offered to jog around for them if they required me to show that I was fit enough to walk. One of the guides going with me on Friday asked me to follow him for about 5 steps and deemed me fit enough. Some of the camps might have hills and valleys, but it is very flat land here, so I don’t see any problems with a nice walk. I can certainly handle some hills and valleys also.

It took me 4 days to get my first big 5 – Elephant was on day 1, Lion, Leopard and Rhino was day 3 and Cape Buffalo day 4.

I took some pics of my tent at Crocodile Bridge.



I went out for a drive after checking in and found more Giraffes., a Crowned Lapwing and some unidentified flying birds (UFB)



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