May 20 – Olifants

I was up and ready to go in plenty of time for the drive this morning. While waiting I took a picture of the moon.


Three of us were registered and then one more from last night’s drive asked if she could come along too. Luckily, the driver was the same this morning as last night, so he agreed and got her a form to fill out. The other couple had only filled in 1/2 of their forms and they also had to complete. Last night they had seen 5 Leopards – a mother with 3 cubs and a mating pair.

First sighting was a Hyaena, just outside the gate – but it was much too dark and too much movement for any chance of a picture for me. Shortly after there were 2 more Hyaenas, with the same result. My first picture was the morning sky from the bridge.

DSCN4231 (467x800)

Then, with much better light, we saw 2 Black-backed Jackals and they even stopped to pose. 🙂 There was still movement and not quite enough light, but I got a couple of pretty good pics and a couple of blurrs, that you can still see.




I was so happy that our next critter was a young Hyaena in pretty good light. Then as he limped out of the tall grass, I saw that he was missing 1/2 of one of his front legs.   😦   Poor little guy wasn’t going to make it to an adult. He stood there and looked at us for a couple of minutes, but I could not take any more pictures.

DSCN4240 (800x549)

Then some Impalas and a Waterbuck with her baby, although the baby is pretty hard to see in that tall grass sometimes. Then more Impalas with Baboons.


A Giraffe stopped eating long enough to pose for some pictures. She seemed as interested in us as we were in her.



We then drove over a very low and very skinny bridge and stopped for a few photos while on it. A pair of Egyptian Geese were the only wildlife we saw there.



One Kudu would only show us his back view, but then another Kudu crossed the road in front of us and his mate was nearby also.




We were almost back to camp again, but stopped for the view just outside the gate.




Back in camp, I found a little black & white bird, that only posed for one picture, and I haven’t determined what it is yet. I had been trying to get the Grey Go-away bird and finally got some of him though.

DSCN4271 (800x488)





At the overlook, I found 2 Kudu males and a Hippo. I also managed to take another scenic view – it is so beautiful!




Then I had a Dark-capped Bulbul to pose for me. I got a few shots of him so I would have enough to tell what kind of Bulbul he is.




On the way back to my bungalow, I noticed that the Baboons had been around (trash cans scattered) and before long, I found one busy with his work.




I got some pictures of the Impala Lily starting to bloom and some of the trees before heading out for a drive on my own.




Without many critters around, I took several tree and landscape photos.




Then – an Elephant! He was doing a good job of hiding behind the leaves, but I patiently waited for him and he finally came out to show himself.




I drove to Letaba and see that they now have a little pop-up restaurant (Letaba Boskombuis) so I stopped to have a late breakfast with them. I had the bush breakfast and it was great. The other restaurant is still there in front of the river, but I didn’t check it out to see if it is one of the franchises ones or not. I’ll find out when I move there in a couple of days.




I walked over to the view and took some pictures – there were a lot of Egyptian Geese down there. I took a picture of some of their trees also before heading back.




I took more scenic pictures on the way back.




Then, when I was almost back to Olifants – the Elephants. There were dozens of them and they were still coming. I couldn’t even take pictures of the ones off to the left (who were crossing the river), since some bushes were hiding them from me.




There is nothing like watching them in motion, so I took a video of them also.



After someone came in and parked directly in front of me, I decided it was time to leave anyway. If those Elephants all cross the river and then the road, it would be a long time before anyone would be able to get past the blockade.

So, I am back at camp relaxing.

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