May 22 – Olifants to Letaba

I made myself the usual oatmeal and rusk breakfast (with cranberries). After eating, I made a flask of coffee and wandered down to the overlook to wait for the sunrise. It was a usual sunrise. Since I have been a bit north, there are absolutely no clouds in the sky at all, so the sunrise is just the sun without any clouds to spread the colours. But I took the usual pictures and then headed on my way.ย  I had put some of the stuff in the car before coming down, so it didn’t take long. I took several view pictures today, not expecting too many critters, since I haven’t seen a lot, but I have a fair number of pictures today covering both views and critters. ๐Ÿ™‚

First critters were Hyaenas, but although I got a glance at one, there were so many cars stopped that I didn’t bother hanging around. I don’t enjoy jockeying for positions and it looked like the original vehicle stopped had no intention of moving and it was really the only one with a good view of what was going on. There was a lot of Hyaena chatter and giggles, so it would likely have been interesting to watch. I think it ended quickly anyway, since the rush of vehicles soon passed me. I set my own speed and it is below almost everyone else.

I believe my first critter with a picture was a Tawny Eagle high in the tree. I’ll correct that if anyone who knows tells me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next was an Elephant calmly eating beside the road.

Next was an African Grey Hornbill and then a tree that I liked the looks of followed by a Laughing Dove.

Then it was a Waterbuck followed by Hippos, a Blacksmith Lapwing, and Doves.

Then a Crocodile and another Waterbuck.

Next was an Eagle and the people driving away told me it was a Fish Eagle with his prey, but after I downloaded the pictures I realized that it is a Martial Eagle and it looks like he has caught a Mongoose. It was hard to see in the shade of the tree he was in.

Then we have a couple more Elephants and another Dove. I enjoy the Doves, since we don’t have many at home and there are so many kinds here.

Baboons were at the intersection in front of Letaba so I got some pictures of them.

I got the Elephant Museum Elephant and some very distant Buffalos basking on the sand in the sun. Then another African Grey Hornbill posed for me.

A Waterbuck wandered down to the river for a drink in front of the restaurant. Then he headed over to where another male was resting. The resting male got up and walked away though.

I went out for a short drive, since I was too early to check in and shortly after the intersection, I saw a Hyaena walking down a sand road towards the one I was on. I got a few pictures of him.

Then some more view shots. The trees are beautiful in their autumn colours.ย  Next, another Elephant was eating by the side of the road. He didn’t seem to like the attention though, so he turned his back and walked away before I could take many pictures.

I haven’t see any Wildebeest since I left Satara, so I took a couple of pictures of one I found here. Then, a couple more Elephants and views.

Then, I noticed a little guy in the bottom right of this picture,

DSCN4685 (800x479)

so I zoomed in on him, expecting it to be an Impala – but it wasn’t. I think it is a Klipspringer – and if so, it is the first time I have seen one. Too bad he wasn’t closer, so I could have had a better look at him.

I got some more views and then some Zebra.

Last critter while I was out on drive was a Cape Buffalo walking across the road.

I was still a little early to check in, so I got some lunch at the pop-up restaurant and took pictures of the male Bushbuck walking by.

Finally, it was time to check into my bungalow and I have the best view in camp. I am right beside the restaurant – so I have the restaurant view. Trees start in front of the next door bungalow, so they look at trees and can see some of the water in front of the restaurant, but not as nice as my view. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll take a walk down the path to check out the other views later.ย  The female Bushbuck was hanging around my bungalow for awhile and managed to get in a few of my pictures.

A pair of African Grey Hornbills seem to really like my car. Hope they don’t damage it.

Later a flock of Arrow-marked Babblers arrived to check things out at the bungalow. I had never seenn these birds before and had no idea what they were, but listening to them, I decided they must be babblers. So that is what I looked up in my bird book and there they were – LOL.

On the other side of the water, I watched a Maribou Stork, Waterbuck and Zebras. Last pictures were of my view as the sun was setting.

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