May 25 – Letaba to Tamboti

First critters this morning were Helmeted Guinea Fowls trying a road block, but they had some problems. There were enough of them – about 2 dozen, but they were divided into 3 groups, so were easily dispursed. Amazingly enough, there were no Impalas until much later today.

First critter once it was light enough to take pictures was a lone Buffalo bull calmly having a snack beside the road.

Next was a Giraffe who was quite willing to pose for pictures.

A Yellow-billed Hornbill was in a good position for a picture, followed by some Zebras.

Then – more Giraffes

and more Zebras – including a Zebra roadblock.

The Zebras joined a Wildebeest after they crossed the road, but the Wildebeest didn’t want company, and he left.

Then – more Zebras and my little Zeb was busy watching them.

Flocks of Red-billed Quelea were flying around.

DSCN5141 (800x598)

And then – more Zebras.

Next was a herd of Elephants.

Then a few Baboons were out foraging for food.

A couple of Wildebeests tried a road block, but with only 2 it didn’t work for long.

One quick picture of Elephants and then some Giraffes felt good about posing for me.

Then it was time for another Zebra roadblock. By now we are getting fairly close to Satara.

For something different we now have three Southern Ground Hornbills. One in a tree alone and two in a dead tree just across the road.

Next were a couple of Giraffes.

Then, a short Waterbuck roadblock (the Waterbuck were not short – the roadblock was), followed by Zebra.

I was soon busy watching 4 Ostriches moving around in a field just after I had passed Satara and turned towards Tamboti.

Then more Elephants and my little Zeb was keeping an eye on one of them.

I stopped at Bobbejaankrans viewpoint and talked to some very nice people who were there too. I also got pictures of a pair of Waterbuck that were having a drink just below us.ย  The female looked up at me for her picture.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

After leaving there, I found a little Steenbok by the side of the road – almost hidden by the grasses in front of him (or her). Looks like a youngster with the start of tiny little horns on the head. ๐Ÿ™‚

DSCN5245 (800x600)

Then – more Elephants!

Next was a beautiful Lilac-breasted Roller posing in perfect lighting for pictures.

Now we have a flying bird, and I would say this is a Vulture – but don’t ask me what kind of Vulture.

DSCN5265 (800x491)

Then, a herd of Cape Buffalo caused a bit of a roadblock. Unfortunately, I was a few vehicles back, so couldn’t get great pictures of them.

A Kudu bull and a Red-billed Oxpecker were my next subjects.

And then – more Zebras. ๐Ÿ™‚

I stopped in at Orpen and got my tent number so here I am at Tent #14 at Tamboti. It looks like a brand new tent and it has a brand new floor and a brand new door with a keyhole – but no key for it. The only problem with this tent is that it gets the full sun all afternoon. No shade on the deck at all. I also have to walk a bit more then usual to the ablution and kitchen, so my flashlight will get some use here.

I found a Squirrel that was in a tree – so he must be a Tree Squirrel. ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  I watched a beautiful Butterfly land on a bush nearby and he decided to stay for a picture or 2 for me.

I have a pair of Natal Francolins (I think) hanging around the tent.

There are some very colourful little birds that like the tree in front of my deck. I assume they are some kind of Sunbird, but no idea what kind. They don’t stay still enough for any decent pictures of them.ย  These are the best I could get, but this isn’t one of the colourful ones.

Two big beautiful trees are across the river from me and tons of footprints along the sand in the dry river bed.

Had a nice sunset tonight, with some clouds in the sky to hold the colours for a bit and a Vulture perched on a tree across the riverbed.


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