May 26 – Tamboti

It was a very foggy morning and this time, it didn’t go away when the sun rose.

First sightings after my foggy morning picture from my deck, but too dark and foggy to take pictures were a single male Impala, Helmeted Guineafowl road block, herd of Impalas, tiny mouse running across the road and some Wildebeests.

DSCN5360 (800x600)

First sighting with pictures were Baboons playing on the sides of the road and the trees.  Baboons are always great entertainment and my little buddy/tracker – Zeb, was enjoying them too.  🙂


Next was a male Nyala by the side of the road.

DSCN5387 (800x704)

Then – some Elephants in the fog.


Followed by another troop of Baboons – these one made a great road block for the vehicle behind them. I just had to wait for them to slowly walk by me, but they were still in front of that vehicle once they passed me and I could continue on.


Fog was starting to clear a bit by the time I got to this look out – I think it is Nsemani). Not much to see though – just some mostly submerged Hippos and the fog. On the other side of the road was a Vulture tree.


Then, one lone Cape Buffalo and and another Vulture in a tree.


I stopped in at Satara for a couple of minutes to use the ablution and check the sightings board – but nothing posted yet for today, so I continued on my way. I was headed for N’wanetski at the end of the H6 to drink my coffee at the lookout.  I saw 1 Zebra with a herd of Impalas, so took a couple of pictures.


Next was a constantly moving Red-billed Quelea roadblock. After taking a bunch of pictures, I then took a video, since it was fascinating to watch these guys in motion.



Then I reached N’wanetsi and went up to the outlook with my coffee to sit and relax and watch the sights.

DSCN5441 (800x600)

The fog has almost cleared but we are still waiting for the sun to shine and soon it did while I was there. A family of Kudus were on the other side of the water.


A bird that looks like the little Sunbirds, but is quite a bit bigger, landed quite close to me and actually allowed a couple of pictures.  It took awhile to find him in the bird book, but I think it is a Common Scimitarbill.  He is listed with the Hoopoe in my book.


A big Crocodile floated casually down the river and then came up onto the bank just across the from the lookout.  I could also see a Giraffe a long way away.


On the way up, I noticed some little yellow flowers by the side of the road, so on the way back, I decided to stop and get some pictures of them.


Then I saw a large bird flying, but before I could get another unidentified flying bird picture, he landed. I zoomed in and realized he was a Bateleur and he stayed long enough while preening his beautiful feathers for a few pictures before flying off again.


Next was a pair of Ostrich.


Then some Zebras.


I stopped at Satara again on the way back to pick up a pizza. They make very good pizza there. I had 1/2 of it there for lunch and since there is a microwave at the kitchen here, I’ll eat the rest for supper. 🙂

A couple of female Kudus posed briefly for me. Then more Zebras and I was back at my tent.


While I was sitting on the deck, a male Bushbuck wandered by on the other side of the fence. Pictures aren’t great, but he did allow me to get right up to the fence for some shots.


Baboons came by for a visit while I was here, but luckily they didn’t stay long. I make sure no food is available for them.

Sunset was gorgeous tonight. Quite a few clouds in the sky, that helped both with the sunset and with me sitting on the deck in the afternoon. A Vulture nicely perched at the top of a tree near where the sun was setting, so he made it into a picture too.


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