May 27 – Tamboti

No fog this morning, but some clouds which just might make a nice sunrise.

DSCN5552 (800x599)

I wasn’t even off the camp road when I met an Elephant willing to pose for me. Without the fog from yesterday, it was even light enough to see.


A couple of Wildebeests were next and then the rest of the family gathered for a photo. Even the young ones formed their own group for me. One had a problem deciding which way to look though. 🙂


A Zebra and foal were next. Then – the start of the sunrise.


DSCN5565 (800x600)

I took the S106 for my drive today and then continued to Satara for my cappuccino and muffin before heading back. The S106 was very, very quiet. I did not see another vehicles for 80% of the drive, but then met a couple of cars and was passed by a couple of safari vehicles.

A Grey Go-away Bird perched on top of a tree for me. The sun then started having problems getting past the clouds.


Some Impalas posed nicely for me.


Back on the H7, some more Elephants. The mother’s right eat dangles way down. You can see it in the first couple of pictures, and in the pictures where we see her right side, you can see that it has no support at all.


I stopped at the viewpoint at Nsemani again to take a couple of pictures.


On the way back from Satara, there were quite a few Giraffes so I took lots of pictures.  Then the Giraffes decided to do the road block thing. 🙂


Not too far from camp I found a Leopard Tortoise crossing the road.


Next were Zebras, more Giraffes and Kudu.


I took a pictures of a bush full of flowers at Orpen.  When I got home, I saw a Vulture on that same tree across the riverbed, getting ready for sunset again. Maybe he never even left the tree. I didn’t notice him this morning and that tree didn’t show in my morning picture.


The male Bushbuck walked by again tonight, but I didn’t bother him with pictures this time. I also saw a little Dwarf Mongoose about 3 tents over – but didn’t get a picture of the little guy.

Sunset was beautiful again tonight and the Vulture was in his place. I also took a shot of the little sliver of a moon.


Tomorrow I move to a cottage at Talamati.

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  1. The giraffes are so beautiful. I loved the zebra, the elephant and now there magestic animals. Your series has been so fabulous – and afforded me a preview of what I will be seeing soon.

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