May 28 – Tamboti to Talamati

Very cloudy this morning, but it was fairly bright. It had rained a bit during the night, but not much, so everything was just a little damp. First we have my cloudy morning look at the day from my deck. Then the Wildebeest in the usual spot stood still for a photo.

Soon after I got on the H7, there was a road block starting up due to 2 male Lions in between some bushes not far from the road. I did not want to get stuck in this mess, so I drove in between 2 vehicles, framed a shot that looked pretty good and then left. Unfortunately I didn’t take the 2 seconds to make sure the picture turned out – because it didn’t. In my rush to get out of there, I must have moved too soon and it was a complete blur without showing Lions at all.  😦  But – I did see them.  🙂

The sun was trying to show itself, but those clouds kept getting in the way.

Two Zebras had a short roadblock. One had a tail and the other did not. I don’t see any signs of injury other than the missing tail, but I only saw one side also.

Then a couple of Giraffes – one on each side of the road.

Next was a 3 member Elephant family.

A herd of Wildebeest lined up so nicely for me that I had to stop for their picture.

I found Talamati without any problem, but it was much too early to check in, so I headed for Imbali Safari Lodge, which is only 10 km further. I had arranged to meet Julia who works there. We have known each other online for many years. Julia and her husband Greg both worked at Nkorho, which at the time, was one of the only cams operated by Africam. Elephant Plains came online around that time as the 2nd cam. Julia was known as Bushie and would answer questions for us, and Greg was one of the rangers at Nkorho. Now they both work at Imbali. It was nice meeting both of them finally.  🙂  While we were standing there talking in front of their view across what is usually a dry riverbed (but had puddles in it now), a bull Elephant came for a drink at the waterhole on top of the bank there.

I had left my camera in the car – so didn’t get any pictures of Julia, or Greg or the Elephant.  😦

We said our good-byes, so Julia could get back to work and  I headed back to Talamati to get checked in.

I have a cottage here that is bigger than my old house was and much bigger than my apartment. It has a living room (with hide-a-bed and huge coffee table) – a bedroom (with a closet) – a kitchen (with a gas stove, cupboards with dishes, sink, fridge) – a bathroom (with a full tub and a separate shower) – a patio that is the full length of the cottage (with table and chairs and then comfortable couch, chairs and coffee table). I also added a couple of pictures of the high ceilings in the bedroom and livingroom with the fans.  Since this is a cottage, with 4 outside walls, I also have views in each direction.  I have a perimeter fence view and on the other side there are 2 hides where you can get up above the fence to see what is around.

After downloading the pictures, I noticed on one of the patio where there was a sign and it looked like Nkorho. I hadn’t noticed the sign and wondered if there was more in front or if my cottage was actually named Nkorho – and I found about that Nkorho is the name. What a coincidence!

DSCN5732 (800x339)

Since most of you were not involved in my plans for this vacation, you may not know that I had planned these 3 days for Nkorho in Sabi Sands. The plans did not work out due to the price, so I booked here instead, which is why getting a cottage named Nkorho is really a coincidence. Tomorrow I will get pictures of the other cottage names.

From one of the hides, I saw Zebra, Waterbuck and Impala.

I got one shot of a Vulture flying by.

DSCN5731 (800x600)

I went another little walk around and got basically the same pictures as earlier, since the same critters were around – but with my sweatshirt on instead of my t-shirt, I was a little more comfortable. I also found a pair of Natal Francolins wandering around. Then I took a picture of the collection of skulls and bones around the one lookout.

I have booked a sunset drive for tonight. It is going to be a chilly night though.

I waited around the hide for the ride to get started and took a few more pictures of the mixture of critters out there. Wildebeest now joined the group too.

Actually, the wind died down and the temperature may have even gone up a bit – it wasn’t bad at all out. We didn’t see an awful lot, but it was a very friendly group and we had some fun.

The guide was a little too involved in teaching us about the trees than I would have liked though. She stopped 3 times for about 15-20 each to talk about trees. That is almost an hour that could have been used looking for critters – which is why I book these drives. The walks are usually used quite a bit for talks about trees, grasses, footprints, etc as the chances for seeing critters is more limited.

First critter on the drive was an Elephant casually eating some nice leaves – followed by a Giraffe, doing the same.

That was all I got pictures of, but we also saw another Elephant, Impalas, Common Duiker, Steenbok, Scrub Hares, Water Thick knees, a couple of Bushbabies, a possible African Wildcat and a possible Serval.  Everyone (including the guide) were just guessing on the last 2.

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