May 29 – Talamati

I heard Lions roaring early this morning, but no sign or noise from them once I was on my way. The sun made a pretty decent attempt at making a nice sunrise this morning.

Before I actually saw any critters, I met a couple of Rangers and their dog walking along the road. I stopped and talked to them for a couple of minutes. They asked where I was staying and where I was going. I told them I was going to get myself a coffee and a muffin and asked if I could bring them something. They said certainly – anything would be nice. Then they told me there was an Elephant not far ahead. So, I went and found the Elephant. 🙂

Next was shy Kudu, followed by more Kudus.

Then I came to a Giraffe that was standing right at the road. I stopped to take his picture and he turned away. I realized then that he was just about to cross the road and I had stopped in his path. He crossed just behind my car, so I took a picture of him in my mirror.

I noticed a couple stop their vehicle and did not see anything around them, so I stopped and asked. They said there was a Brown-headed Parrot in the bush right beside them. Wonderful! So, I pulled in front and snapped some pictures – thanked them again and was on my way.  This is the best look I’ve had of these beautiful birds.

Then – another Giraffe and I was back at the viewpoint where I’ve taken a picture almost every day lately – this time I got an Egyptian Goose too.

Just as I was moving off, a troup of Baboons moved onto the road to provide some entertainment and pictures. The sun was in the wrong spot for many of the pic though.

I got my cappuccino and a croissant and then picked up a few groceries so I can make my own sandwiches while I am here. I also picked up apples, cookies and bottled water for the Rangers.

A Yellow-billed Hornbill posed nicely for a couple of pictures.

Then, a herd of Elephants walked by.

One male Ostrich paraded around in a field for a few minutes, so I got some pictures of him.

Then, more Elehants.

I could not find the Rangers on my drive back though. They said they would be on the same road all day. After I ate my lunch, I went back out to look for them again. I don’t know if they were picked up and moved somewhere else or if they were covering more than one road.

I took an interesting sky picture and then found a Kudu playing peek-a-boo with me.

A family of Crested Francolins actually stopped and posed for me. These guys usually run away and hide whenever I stop.

Then – more Kudu.

When back at the cottage, I walked around and took 1 long distance picture of Waterbuck and Wildebeest from the hide. Sure nothing like the numbers of critters that were there yesterday. But yesterday, there were no lions roaring. I took a picture of a Starling high in a dead tree, then a zoomed out picture, showing the sky & clouds too.

I then found a pair of Bushbucks just outside the fence behind the cottage. I think I interrupted their plans and the female disappeared before I could even get a picture with her in it. The male soon followed her.

I took pictures of most of the Cottage names.  I think I got them all anyway.

I know a lot of these are critters, but there are several that I have no idea what they mean – including the Nkorho one.

DSCN5821 (800x509)


After supper, I heard the Lions roaring again. I wandered over to the hide to see if they might be on their way for a drink. Another couple were in there also and we watched some Elephants and listened to the Lions. I listen to sounds a lot on the Africam cameras, especially at night and always wish I could tell what direction the sounds were coming from.  Here – I could tell!  I knew the Lions were roaring off to the right.

After awhile a Side-striped Jackal started yipping (off to the left). Funny thing is that I knew it was a Side-striped because I have heard them on the cams over the years, but the couple sitting there are from Johannesburg and had never heard or even seen a Side-striped Jackal. We did get a glimpse of him in the distance, but then we noticed movement not far from us and a beautiful Leopard was walking right by. My best Leopard sighting of the trip, and since we had a spotlight and she wasn’t moving very fast, you can even see her. It is not a great picture, but it was sure a great sighting.

DSCN5856 (800x578)

We heard the Lions a few more times, but they never seemed to get any closer, so we finally packed it in for the night.

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