June 8 – Berg en Dal

It was another foggy morning today, but it soon cleared as the sun came up. It had obviously been clear last night with this beautiful moon showing itself above my bungalow.

DSCN7364 (783x800)

With this being my last full day in Kruger, I was having a hard time trying to decide which way to go. I had pretty much decided to take that ill-fated road from last time where I got the flat tyre on my first full day in the park on my own. Then I decided that I hadn’t really explored much around Pretoriuskop when I was there because the Avis guy convinced me that I only had 3,000 km to use while there. When I finally checked my documents and figured out that I had more than twice that, I had already moved on to another camp. So, I set off for Pretoriuskop on the H2-2 and my first sighting was Impalas. 🙂

DSCN7370 (800x499)

Next were Hyaenas, but the pictures were very poor – so I decided to spare you and just delete them. It was just too early and too much movement as well as trees and branches in the way.

The next sighting is still uncertain – although I am fairly sure – if that makes sense. As I drive along, I look to the right and then ahead on the road and then to the left and back to the road, etc. I can’t watch everything at the same time, so I can and do miss things. As I was looking to one side, something moved onto the road ahead and I saw it standing quite a distance away at the top of a hill. It wasn’t moving, it’s head was up and alert. My first thought was Impala, because that is the most common critter around and they often stand like that – but something wasn’t quite right about that. I had not seen it move there, but as soon as it moved away, I knew it wasn’t Impala – it had a dog-like movement and I saw a tail come up when it moved. It’s legs were too long to be a Jackal and it didn’t have the shape of a Hyaena – so I really think it was a Wild Dog. Wild Dogs are usually in packs, but the other dogs could have crossed when I was looking another way. By the time I got to the top of the hill, there was no sign of any critters around. So – no picture, but I am fairly certain that I finally saw a Wild Dog.

Then there were Elephants. One had broken off a lovely branch of a tree to carry with him. When his friend went off into the bush, this one stayed on the road for awhile, ripping pieces off and eating some of the branch. He finally grabbed one last piece and left the rest on the road.

Just before turning from the H3 to the H2-2, there were some Zebras and Wildebeests – so I had to stop to take their pictures.

Right at the corner of the H3 and the H2-2 were Hyaena pups playing. 🙂 Of course, they were mostly behind grass and leaves, which seem to take the focus, but one did come out for a couple of in focus pictures.

Next were more Elephants,


and some scenic pictures.

I stopped at Pretoriuskop and had a nice breakfast at Wimpys. Then I went into the shop and bought a couple of things. It felt a little strange going back to where I spend my first 3 nights here this time.

I came back along the H1-1 and stopped at Transport Dam and for the first time this year, I actually saw critters that are not the permanent residents at the dam. There were Impalas, Waterbuck, Zebras and Wildebeest.

Back on the H3 and heading for home, I found Kudu,

and Cape Buffalo.

Then I noticed some cars stopped not far down a side road. I decided to check it out and there was a Cheetah there! I did not have to jockey for a position – I asked someone what was there and she pointed to a Cheetah that was in my sight. So, I snapped a couple of pictures. Then she moved and I lost focus to a branch. She lay down then, and I continued on my way.

Remember the Elephant and the branch he dropped on the road earlier this morning? I found the branch on my return journey – LOL.  I didn’t stop to take a picture of it though!

Just before home, I found some more Kudu relaxing in the shade.

DSCN7478 (800x600)

I saw Rhinos at some point today, but they did not want their pictures taken.

Then, back in camp I remembered to take pictures of my last bungalow in Kruger National Park.

A little Bushbuck wandered by my bungalow this afternoon. She made sure she was behind branches before I got my camera out and ready though.

DSCN7493 (800x600)

I walked over to the restaurant/dam area and saw some Elephants. Only one posed for a picture though. So, I also took a picture of the area.

Impala Lilies are just starting to bloom, but I saw one in camp here that is beautiful already.

DSCN7498 (800x600)

It will be a sad day tomorrow when I have to leave.

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