Fort Whyte Alive in the Afternoon

My trips to Fort Whyte Alive have always been first thing in the morning – but yesterday, I had something to do in the area later in the day and decided to have lunch there and hang around until it was time to go.  This way I would avoid the construction on Bishop Grandin Blvd during rush hour traffic.

I was surprised at how many cars were in the parking lot, but thought maybe quite a few people come for lunch.  The restaurant was very full, so I guess that was the reason.  I didn’t see many people wandering the trails.

Oh – by the way – I was planning on posting my Avis Rent-a-Car rant today, but I just had to show you these pictures, so that will have to wait.  Instead I posted a question on their FaceBook page asking about the extra charges on a rental that was paid in full months earlier.  If they decide to answer that I might have either a resolution or more fuel.  🙂

Anyway, after lunch, I wandered out and watched some Pelicans at a distance.  Then I took to the paths.  I saw some Mallard Ducks with bottoms up and a couple of Turtles.

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As I am walking the paths, I am always looking into the trees in the hopes of seeing deer – but although you can see quite far, you never really see them until fall for some reason.  But today – I was in luck.  I went around a turn, just as a fawn came around a turn from the other direction in front of me – followed by another fawn.  The 2 of them stayed for a minute as I quickly snapped some pictures.  I was sure wishing I’d brought my big camera, but because of where I was going later, I only had the small one that fits in my purse.  All my pictures today are cropped.

2017-07-17 July 18 17 015 (800x599)2017-07-17 July 18 17 016 (800x599)2017-07-17 July 18 17 017 (800x599)2017-07-17 July 18 17 018 (800x599)2017-07-17 July 18 17 019 (800x594)2017-07-17 July 18 17 020 (800x599)2017-07-17 July 18 17 021 (800x599)

The bigger one at the back turned and left first, followed by the front one, but it was the bigger one that came back to take one more look at me before leaving.

After they disappeared, I walked ahead thinking I’d see them as I went around that turn, but they had disappeared.  They were just so beautiful!  What a wonderful surprise!

I completed my walk around the rest of the centre and then went back towards the entrance, where I watched and took more pictures of a pair of Pelicans who came quite close to me as they were fishing.

Before leaving, I sat on a bench and watched the Prairie Dogs for awhile.

2017-07-17 July 18 17 042 (800x599)

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