I like a cup of coffee most days, but some days I don’t have any at all, and that is fine.   For me – coffee is coffee and it really doesn’t matter where I get it.  Most days, I get it right from my Keurig at home.  I have several different flavoured coffees and teas to choose from.

While I was in Kruger National Park in May/June this year, I developed a ‘mild’ addiction to the cappuccino at the coffee shops and restaurants there.

The cappuccino from my Keurig and from Tim Hortons taste quite similar to each other – very sweet and everything is mixed in together. Until this trip, those are the only places where I had any.

Lately, I have been thinking about and missing the ones from the park though.  They are mixed in front of you, with the full fat cream made into a froth and poured into the coffee.  This is not a sweet drink, but sugar is available to anyone who wants to add it.  I got into the habit of sprinkling a little sugar on top of the froth without stirring, which made the topping sweet and sweetened the coffee a bit as it came through the froth.  Then when it was finished, there was a bit of sweet froth at the bottom of the cup to finish it off.  Delicious.

My Keurig’s cappuccino is now too sweet, although still not bad if I am craving something sweet.  It didn’t make sense to pay for a cup that was almost the same from Tim Hortons, so I started to think about Starbucks.  I know they make every cup from scratch and they prepare it in front of you, so I thought theirs might be more like what I had become addicted to in Kruger.

One of the options I have with an opinion poll company was to spend my points on a Starbucks gift card, so I did that and then registered for Starbucks rewards.

This morning – only a day after registering with Starbucks, and before I actually went there to try it out, I got an email for a free drink to get me started.  I didn’t know what kind of drink this included, but decided to head over to St. Vital Centre and check out the Starbucks there.  I was told that this offer included any drink (including cappuccino) and any size – so I picked a medium size (the ones in Kruger were all small).

In Kruger National Park, the prices were lower than they are here.  A cup in Kruger was about R25 I think, which is about $2.50 CAD.  This medium cup was $4.80 and the small was $3 (something) but I think the small at Starbucks might be larger than the ones I was getting in Kruger.  Next time I’ll be getting a small.

The cappuccino was quite good and I enjoyed it. It comes without any sugar, so you add your own if you want it.  He also asked if I wanted an extra shot of expresso, which they did in Kruger also.  I always said no in Kruger and they called that easy, so I learned to ask for my cappuccino easy.  He told me that here they normally use 2 for small and 3 for large, and since medium was in the middle I could have either – although probably an extra charge (if I was paying) for the extra shot in a medium.

This will be my treat every once in awhile when I am missing Kruger National Park (which is often).2016-03-11 005 (719x800)