A Walk in the Woods

It was such a beautiful morning, that I decided it was time to take a walk along the Seine River behind my apartment.  I headed along the path to the pedestrian bridge nearby.

Just before the bridge was a bunny in the grass.  Then a picture of the river from the bridge and a closer look at several footprints in the mud .

I often take a walk similar to this one, but stay on the paved path instead of the mud one due to the wet mud often found there, but this morning, it looked pretty dry, so I took the skinny mud path.  I took several shots of the path and the river seen from the path.

Since this path is in the shade most of the time, the only problem are the mosquitoes, but it is so nice and cool to be out of the sun.

Then, I saw a critter in the water, but he made it very difficult to get a clear picture.

It is a Muskrat!

Then, back to following the trail.

This trail is quite skinny and the only problem you might encounter is someone on a bicycle, since there isn’t room to pass with both on the trail.  Luckily I only encountered 1 and it just happened to be at a spot where the trail divides due to a section that is very low and often covered with water, so a higher and dryer trail had been formed.  Both sections were dry today, so the passing was smooth.  🙂

The trail ended as I came out at Bishop Grandin.  I then had the choice of turning around and retracing my steps, or turning left and crossing the river before heading home on St. Anne’s Road or turning right and following the paved trail back to the pedestrian bridge.  I chose the last option.

Little  Chipping Sparrows beside the trail – followed by some Canada Geese at a pond or lake (with houses around it)

Heading back into the shade for a short distance as now we are getting close to the bridge.  I took a couple of pictures showing paths that head over to the dirt trail that I walked on in the beginning.

The last picture shows the end of the trail, where I turned right to go over the bridge and head home.  It was a nice little walk, taking about 45 minutes.

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    1. Thanks Sue – with 2 big river and a few smaller rivers and streams, this city is set up for plenty of nature. I love being near any of the rivers. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing. If I could write like you, I would relate all my walking stories from Bruce Park to Assiniboine Park, and you could create the blog!,
    Helen Morrow, Park Volunteer

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