White-tail Deer Playdate

I was watching and taking pictures of a beautiful White-tail Deer and her adorable fawns outside my window this morning.


Looks like a mother and 2 fawns – but looking closer at the first 2 pictures, before I zoomed in a bit more, it looks like another fawn’s legs behind the bush.  Unfortunately I didn’t notice this until I downloaded and looked at the pictures.


These 3 were having a pretty good breakfast by the looks of it.


Then, another doe arrived and Mom raced over to chase her away.  Then, Mom disappeared into the bushes, followed by the 2 fawns.


I walked away, thinking they were all gone and when I came back I was met with the sight of 2 does and their fawns racing around and having fun.

Obviously a video was needed – so here it is.

I count 4 fawns in here, which would be 2 per doe.  Nice having 2 sets of twins.  🙂  But, after I watched them all leave, another fawn showed up and was calling for his or her mom.  It really sounded like Maaaa.   I had already put my camera away and didn’t want to leave the window to go get it.  So, I just watched as he called and then headed the same direction as the rest of them went – stopping once more to call.  I did not hear a response, but he continued to head in that direction, so hopefully found his mom.  So, the first one might have triplets since I did see legs behind that bush – or ???