Day 2 with Toby

Honestly, I won’t write about every day with Toby, but I managed to get enough photos for another post.  Some are from yesterday afternoon and some are from today.  🙂

I put his harness and leash on to walk him in the yard area on the other side of the back fence, just because this area is open to the other yards in the neighbourhood also.

When we came back behind the fence and I took the harness and leash off, he headed into the trampoline to play a bit.  A dog has got to have fun!

This morning, he posed for some pictures – both inside and out.  Then he looked longingly out the back gate at some squirrels that were teasing him.

I only took a couple of pictures on his walk this morning.  One, just after he marked his territory for about the 100th time and one of a tree that I liked the looks of.

We took a different path this morning and walked close to the same distance as yesterday – just on regular streets and sidewalks without the park.



2 thoughts on “Day 2 with Toby

  1. Toby lives with 2 young boys in the family, so – the kids play on the trampoline and Toby plays with them – LOL. I was surprise he hopped right in without the boys.


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