Moving On

Not today, but tomorrow, I’ll be moving back to my apartment.  The last 3 weeks have been fun and I’ll miss having a dog when I am living on my own again.

I have posted most of the pictures I took of my 3 weeks with Toby on my FaceBook page, but I did save the last few pictures to post here (along with some of the ones already shown to my FaceBook friends).

2016-03-11 004 (800x600)

Toby and I took a selfie to say hello.

A few more Toby pictures, with him yawning, relaxing on the bed, digging in the yard and with his halti on for one of our walks.

I mentioned that my Mom had broken her shoulder and was in the hospital.  I have been visiting with her daily – usually in the morning and my brother has been visiting in the afternoon.  My sister and her family arrived from Calgary and spent a few days in and out with her too.  She has adjusted to hospital routine and food (sometimes), but is looking forward to getting back to her own apartment as soon as possible.  She has physio every day Monday to Friday, but until the shoulder actually heals, we won’t know when she will be able to return home.

My sister’s family visiting included my Mom’s great great grandson and I got a picture of Noah and his great great grandma having a little laugh, as well as Noah just posing for a picture on his own

Back to Toby, I got a picture of some of his yard work and a very innocent look.

I also took a couple of pictures of him with the camera looking up at him.

Yesterday, during our morning walk to and around Assiniboine Park, I got some early morning sky pictures as well as a picture with a flock of Crows and Canada Geese.

The pictures were all taken at different times, and the sky is constantly changing as the clouds move and the sun comes up a bit more to add more colour.

One last picture of the sky.

2017-09-02 Sept 2 17 015 (600x800)
Beautiful Sky.

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