I am Home

Yesterday afternoon, I packed up my computers and brought them back home again.  I knew it would be a late night and I didn’t want to be doing this in the middle of the night.  So, I brought them back and got them hooked up before heading back to spend my last afternoon with Toby.

In the late afternoon, Toby went to the back door to go outside and before opening the door, I noticed a Deer lying on the grass outside the fence, near the river.  Finally, on my last day there I see a Deer, so I went and grabbed my camera for some shots.

When I zoomed out a bit for my 2nd shot, I saw a Fawn, also lying down, but in a spot that had a bit more light.

These pictures are almost duplicates because I just kept snapping away.  The last few were taken as I stepped outside the door instead of taking through the window.  That is when I noticed the 2nd fawn, who was off to the left and behind some things.

The plane was delayed due to storms, so it was quite late by the time I picked them up at the airport and brought them back to Toby.  I had been telling Toby all day that his family was coming home.  🙂  I could not believe it, but they brought me gifts!  They had already paid me to stay there and play with Toby (even though I said it wasn’t necessary – but it did come in handy) and then they brought me these adorable gifts.

2017-09-05 Sept 5 17 009 (611x800)

It was almost 2:00 am before I got home and settled into bed.  This morning I got up, looked out the window and my fawns were outside.  They sure have grown and their spots are disappearing.

Last picture was Mom running past and they quickly followed her.    I looked up and this was floating by and might be what scared them.

2017-09-05 Sept 5 17 007 (718x800)

Re-Max is one of the real estate companies here and I believe Sundance operates these balloons as well as their own.  It is starting off as a beautiful, calm and sunny day.

2017-09-05 Sept 5 17 001 (800x326)

Then, a few Canada Geese flew over.

Now, I am off to a doctor appointment and getting ready to settle into apartment living on my own again.

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