A Breath of Fresh Air

We are in the midst of some very hot weather this week, but thankfully, it cools down beautifully at night.  The early mornings are gorgeous.

Due to the heat, most people have their air conditioners going full blast and last night we had 4 power outages – one after the other.  Things would be coming back and were then gone again.

This morning I decided to head out for a short walk while everything was calm and the weather was a bit cool and refreshing.

First sighting was a doe eating some leaves that had grown up on the fence surrounding the garden at the back.

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 002 (732x800)

As I walked along the path, I came to the back of a yard where there are always 2 dogs out there barking at me before I am even in sight.  This morning was no exception – but before long this time, I head something crashing through the bush on the other side of the path.  Out cam a doe and her 2 fawns.  🙂  By the time I turned on the camera, zoomed and aimed it, they were quite a distance away, but I decided to go for the shot anyway.  It certainly isn’t great, but you can see 3 brown blurs in the distance as they head around the turn in the river.  🙂

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 003 (800x601)

Then there were Canada Geese flying overhead.

Then, a duck in the Seine  River.  At first I thought female Mallard when I saw the bit of blue, but once I got the pictures on my computer, I knew that was the wrong shade and placement for the blue on a Mallard.  I realized it was a young Wood Duck.

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 008 (800x601)

I looked up and saw the Moon and thought it was time for a morning Moon shot.

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 009 (800x750)

An adorable baby bunny was next.  He didn’t think I saw him and did not move an inch.

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 010 (800x760)

Next was a Mallard Duck and after zooming on her, I backed up to show the surrounding area, with the sun just starting to brighten things up.

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 012 (800x600)

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 013 (711x800)

Back at the apartment, I walked past the fence where the first Deer was and looked around.  I could see movement and deer in the trees and then Mom was nice enough to look at me.  I think this was the Doe and Fawns that left when the dogs were barking earlier.

2017-09-11 Sept 11 17 017 (800x600)

I could see the 2nd Fawn, but with all the branches, this was the only clear picture I could get.

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  1. Actually was thinking of you tonight Mavis as I went for a walk around the lake in Canberra and saw about six or seven wild bunnies eating grass – and thought how you see these and many other beautiful creatures every day…and then I see this post…lovely.

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