Back to Fort Whyte Alive

There are 2 places that I love, but haven’t been to visit much this year.   My vacation in Kruger National Park took up plenty of time, along with my move and then my mother’s fall that broke her shoulder.

One of the places is  Fort Whyte Alive – right in Winnipeg, which makes it quick and easy to visit and the other is Riding Mountain National Park, which is in Manitoba, but is a 3 hour drive from Winnipeg and pretty much requires an overnight trip to spend some time there.  I have done the trip in 1 day, but it has to be mid summer to get the longest days.  Actually, there is a 3rd place that I get to visit even less often and that, of course, is Kruger National Park.

I did take one trip to Riding Mountain after my vacation and before my mother’s fall, and I am going to try to arrange a couple of days very soon for a return trip.

This morning after visiting my Mom, I headed for Fort Whyte Alive for a nice walk in nature.  At this time of year the Canada Geese attract most of the attention, but at the same time, the fall migration of the smaller birds has begun and this is a great place for the birds to rest before heading further south.

First up – Canada Geese!  🙂

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 007 (800x592)

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 008 (800x600)

Then – right behind those 3 Geese above, a Double-crested Cormorant surfaced and I got a couple of quick shots of him before he dove back under the water.

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 009 (800x601)

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 010 (800x590)

Then a few more Canada Goose shots.

While walking on the floating walkways, I saw a little Muskrat heading my way (no idea what that shadow or reflection is above him).  He then turned more towards me and disappeared with a splash into the water.  I happened to get the splash instead of the 3rd picture I was hoping for.

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 015 (800x713)

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 016 (800x459)

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 017 (800x600)

Next, I got 2 pretty bad pictures of a bird that I think is an American Redstart.   There were so many little birds in the bushes and trees, and I didn’t have any luck getting pictures of them, since they were much too fast.  This guy did remain still for a few seconds, but the twigs and leaves in the way managed to claim the focus.

Although the pictures are not focused on him, you can at least see the colours.

Then I got a fairly decent of a pair of Canada Geese in flight as they are heading in for a landing on the water.  I also got their landing.

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 020 (800x620) (2)

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 022 (800x518)

More Geese were coming in for a landing in the Bison enclosure, so I got a picture of some of them as they approached and then landed too.

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 024 (800x601)

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 025 (800x400)

Last stop is the little enclosed waterhole where I like to stop and relax.  Unfortunately our dry summer has reduced the size of it significantly though.

2017-09-13 Sept 13 17 026 (800x600)

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