A Little Walk

After a visit with my Mom in the hospital this morning and while my laundry was in the dryer, I decided I had time for a quick walk.   I had to be back before the dryer was finished, because someone had a load beside the washer waiting for me to get mine finished and into the dryer.

It was a cool and cloudy morning, but at this time of year, the colour in the trees makes up for the lack of sun, so I grabbed my camera and headed out.

First was the Seine River and the woods on my side of the river.

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 001 (800x600)

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 002 (800x600)

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 003 (800x583)

Then I stood on the pedestrian bridge to take pictures of the Seine River on each side of the bridge.

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 005 (800x600)

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 006 (800x600)

The trees along the path here are changing colour nicely.

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 007 (800x600)

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 008 (600x800)

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 012 (800x600)

There is a little lake surrounded by homes here, that is full of Canada Geese during the summer, so I took a couple of pictures of it.

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 009 (800x600)

Way back in the distance are a couple of Mallard Ducks swimming, so I used my zoom.

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 010 (800x557)

Someone has a little dock here, and it looks like a paddle boat at it.

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 011 (800x600)

Back at my apartment, I just had to take a picture of the beautiful flowers still blooming.

2017-09-19 Sept 19 17 015 (800x600)


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    1. Thanks Irene. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We have several rivers and creeks that run through the city, so plenty of spots that have wildlife and and natural growth of trees and bushes. My apartment is right on the Seine River and I really enjoy my walks along it.

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