A Walk in the Park

On the way to visit my Mom in the hospital the other day, I decided to park my car in Assiniboine Park and walk from there, with my trusty little camera in my hand.  This is the same park as the English Gardens – just a different area of it.

2017-09-29 Sept 30 17 001 (800x600)

A nice leaf covered path to walk down.

Hundreds of Canada Geese relaxing on the lawns.

2017-09-29 Sept 30 17 010 (800x583)

The Pavillion with ‘Canada 150’ in front.  The Pavillion is now home to an art gallary from Winnipeg Art Gallery.  It is free to visit.  I should have gone inside to get some pictures of the exhibits.  One exhibit on the 2nd floor is about Winnie the Pooh and contains objects from Lieutenant Harry Colebourn’s personal collection about the Black Bear that he named Winnie (Winnipeg).  It was this Black Bear that he later left in a zoo in England that inspired A.A.Milne to write the Winnie the Pooh books for his son Christopher.

2017-09-29 Sept 30 17 012 (800x600)

2017-09-29 Sept 30 17 013 (800x600)

More colourful leaves, but these ones are still mostly on the bush.  Notice the fountain in the second picture as we will take a closer look at it from the opposite side next.

2017-09-29 Sept 30 17 016 (800x401)

I like the way the water shows up on the fountain here.

Mallard Ducks

Wood Duck

2017-09-29 Sept 30 17 025 (800x420)

View of the same pond from another direction.

2017-09-29 Sept 30 17 027 (582x800)

This is the entrance to the Children’s Garden and Nature Playground.  I didn’t take any pictures while in there because there were a lot of children and I don’t post anyone’s pictures without their consent.  There were way too many to spend time asking, so it was better to just not take any pictures.

As well as the young children, there were several older kids on a scavenger hunt who were racing all over to find whatever was on their lists.  It was a beautiful day and they were certainly having fun.

More Canada Geese flying overhead and a view of the Assiniboine River from the pedestrian bridge.

This morning I look out my window to see this beautiful pre-sunrise view, so I took a picture as I thought you might like to see it too.

2017-10-01 Oct 1 17 005 (800x600)

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