Riding Mountain National Park – Oct 17

Nature was calling me and Riding Mountain National Park is the place I decided to travel to in order to get my fix of critters and pure nature.

I have a few pictures taken during the drive there.

A few random views along #19 inside the park.

Still on #19

Almost to  #10 now.

I noticed that there is a name to this road, but I always just call it the Wishing Well Road and the next pictures were taken along it and at the Wishing Well.

I was amazed at how many flowers were still in bloom.

Views at Glen Beag along with a Whiskey Jack ( Grey Jay or Canada Jay) and a Junco.

Back on #10 and north to the Spruces, where the waves were washing over the dock and the Gulls were having fun.

A little further north to Grayling Lake for some more views and a Dragonfly.

Then Moon Lake for more beautiful views.

A few more views from the road.  (I pulled over to the side for the view pictures taking along the highway – but there was very little traffic, so I could have stopped right in the middle of the road if I wanted to)  🙂  I headed north to Dauphin to have some lunch and check into my room before going back into the park for the rest of the day.

I will continue today’s journey in the next post.  Still lots to come.

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